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Fall of Giants: Book One of the Century Trilogy

Fall of Giants  - Ken Follett Somehow these 1000+ pages didn't result in quite the payoff I'd hoped for after reading The Pillars of the Earth but it was still a wild romp about the 14th century Kingsbridge, and overall I enjoyed it. Imagine the basic plot of Pillars revisited with somewhat updated characters and 200 years later, with a few minor twists, and you've got World Without End.A full-fledged escape into the middle ages for those of us who prefer to spend our limited reading time somewhere other than today. In my humble opinion if the editors had done their very best, the book would have ended up 200-300 pages shorter with less of the same plot theme repetition, but it was still highly readable and I would recommend it to historical fiction fans for a good, long, satisfying read.